About Us

Sirkka Networks Limited is an integrated digital third-party administrator (TPA) and medical/assistance service provider. Through its proprietary technology platform, Sirkka provides analytics, claims, assistance management and medical management services to individuals (B2C), institutions and insurance companies/distribution channels to support their employees or customers (B2B2C) travelling, working or studying internationally.

Sirkka is based in Cambridge, U.K. and currently has 30 mandarin-speaking customer service and claims associates as well as medical interpreters in the UK, Australia, China, the United States and Canada. Sirkka works in partnership with world-class assistance companies with global coverage as well as strong local capabilities. Sirkka also has a network of doctors that can provide fast-track appointments and remote consultations. Sirkka utilises WeChat official account “速可网络” for customer service and claims submission.

Honours & Qualifications

  • Registered with Chinese Consulate General in the United Kingdom. The recommended service partner for medical and emergency assistance by the Consulate General.
  • Prime sponsor and member of the UK Association of Chinese Insurance Professionals (ACIP UK)
  • Member of China Chamber of Commerce in the UK (CCCUK)
  • Sirkka Netwoks support Sinosafe’s travel insurance card winning the “Experience Award for Innovative Insurance Products” at the 3rd InsurTech Innovation Congress China 2019.