As many countries begin to ease lockdown measures, international travel is gradually re-starting. Many airlines are now requiring PCR test results 48 – 72 hours prior to flight departure. In addition, some countries are requiring a negative PCR test result within 48-72 hours of landing in order to avoid mandatory quarantine upon arrival.

In line with the current guidance by the PHE and MHRA, our private GPs can offer Covid-19 PCR Swab Tests (Molecular test). These tests are for those aged five and older and are typically offered to people with Covid-19 symptoms. Our private GPs can dispatch the test kit within 24 hours of order. The test can be performed easily at home using a swab that takes samples from the throat and the nose. Once it has been sent back and is received by the lab, the results will be available within 24 hours.

* Guaranteed special delivery or couriers will incur additional charge. Test fees at hospitals in cities outside of London and Cambridge may be higher than the published price. For all enquiries, please email

We also continue to offer Abbott antibody lab-based tests (Serology test) using blood samples drawn from the vein by a healthcare professional. Our private GPs can arrange this at their clinics in London, Reading and Cambridge. Lab results can be available within 24 hours of receipt of the tests. The specificity  (the true negative rate) of the test is 100% and the sensitivity (the true positive rate) of the test is 98%.

Our private GPs are  now able to travel to company offices with appropriate PPE and safety measures to draw blood samples or perform swab tests for all staff. In addition, our doctors can work with companies to put a Occupational Health plan in place. These plans may include measures such as temperature checks, physical distancing, home working, Antigen PCR testing of symptomatic workers or monthly spot testing of a percentage of the workforce to ensure a “COVID free status.”

Note: The policies and guidelines related to Covid-19 testing may change. We will notify our members as soon as the information is made public and will continue to provide the best service possible to our members.

Refund policy: 1) Under no circumstances will the included membership fee be refunded for the Covid-19 test products. 2) For home sampling customers, if they cancel their order after the kit has been posted, only 25% of the test fee will be refunded. 3) For customers to be sampled at the hospital, 100% refund of test fee if cancelled outside 2 business days before the your appointment. No refund of membership fee. 4) For appointment cancellations within 2 business days of the appointment, the refund is 50% of test fee; within 24 hours of appointment time, there is no refund of test fee. In all cases, there is no refund of membership fee.