Sirkka Networks Limited is a digitally integrated third-party administrator (TPA) and medical/assistance service provider, with 24/7 English-Chinese bilingual customer service capability (other languages available upon requests). Through its proprietary technology platform, Sirkka provides analytics, claims, assistance management, and medical management services to individuals (B2C), institutions, and insurance companies/distribution channels to support their employees or customers (B2B2C) who are travelling, working or studying internationally. Sirkka works in partnership with world-class medical professionals and assistance companies to provide global coverage as well as strong local expertise. Sirkka also has a network of doctors that offer fast-track appointments and remote consultations via video or telephone.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Sirkka Care family, where we have a dedicated team able to facilitate a wide range of medical management services, including fast-track appointments, specialist consultations, prescribed medicine delivery, and other services.

For assistance, please contact Sirkka’s global medical management services 24/7 hotline: +44 (0)1223 855488; or follow our official WeChat account 速可网络 to contact us via WeChat phone (微电话) or WeChat customer service (微客服). For general enquiries, please contact us via email:

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3. For half-year membership, the number of included services is halved.
4. ★ The membership covers fully or partially the costs of third parties.
5. √ The service is accessible to members and please refer to the Notes for details.