Medical Management Service

Q: Can you help with repeat prescriptions?
A: Yes. We can arrange prescription delivery once we receive the doctors’ prescriptions. We can also arrange private GP consultations and prescriptions.
· Existing Sirkka members requesting repeat prescription can email and we will contact doctors and pharmacies to arrange for prescription and medicine delivery.
· Others with specific needs can email or call our 24/7 customer service hotline and one of our associates will assist.

Q: Is it possible to help schedule an appointment in a hospital near my home? Which hospital is it? Is there any information on the website?

A: We work with most of the major private hospitals in the UK and will do our best to accommodate customers’ preference. Which hospital would also depend on the type of tests/treatments requested by doctors. We will provide all the details of the hospital upon confirmation of the appointment. In special cases, we can arrange transport to the hospital (e.g. non-emergency ambulance or executive car services).

Q: How do I make an appointment to see a specialist doctor? How much will diagnostic tests cost (e.g., blood tests, CT, cardiac examination, etc.)?

A: Please call our 24/7 customer service hotline if it is urgent, or email to request an appointment. Our members benefit from discounted medical costs by quoting “Sirkka”, although the discounts may vary across different hospitals/facilities.

Q: Are the doctors British doctors? What about their qualifications?
A: We only work with doctors who have all necessary licenses, qualifications and appropriate PI insurance. For our UK members, all the doctors have required licenses in the UK. We usually provide at least 2 specialists to our customers.

Q: How much does it cost to see a private GP or a private specialist in the UK?
A: The cost varies depending on: a) the experience and seniority of the doctors, b) whether it is during business hours or out-of-business hours, c) whether it is face-to-face consultation, home visit or video/telephone, and/or d) the type of Sirkka membership that the customer has. The most common cost for a 20-30 minute private GP consultation in the UK can be £45 to £250 (excluding home visits), and for an initial consultation with a specialist the cost can be between £250 and £395.

Q: If I become a Sirkka Care member in the UK, can I use the medical management services when I am outside of the UK?
A: For emergency and accident related medical services, we provide assistance on a global basis. For primary care and specialists, we currently have the strongest network of doctors in the UK and Australia; in addition, we can provide video consultations regardless of the patients’ location. For specific type of diagnostic tests and treatments, please email

Q: Is there a family membership?
A: Family members can share the number of doctor appointments and other benefits of Sirkka Silver and Gold membership, but each individual needs to sign up as a member. Under 18-year old members receive a discount of the membership fee.