Sirkka Group invited to attend the National Day Reception hosted by Consulate-General of PRC in Manchester UK

On September 18, Sirkka Group was invited to attend the National Day Reception celebrating the 70<sup>th</sup> Anniversary of the Founding of the PRC on Sept. 18th in Lowry Hotel Manchester.  The Reception was hosted by the Consul General, Mr. Zheng Xi-yuan and the Consul, Mrs. Li Fang-hui.

The Reception also invited Her Majesty’s Lord Lieutenant Mr. Smith; the Honorable High Sheriff Mr. Adlestone; Mayor and Vice Mayors, Vice Chancellors and Councillors, representatives of neighbouring cities, regions, universities, Chinese institutions and companies, and overseas Chinese, totalling of 450 participants.

At the reception, Mrs. Lin Li-Williams, Founder and CEO of Sirkka Group, briefed our strategy and business model and services to the Consul General Mr. Zheng Xiyuan and the Consul Mrs. Li Fanghui, Mrs. Cheng.  At the end of the Reception, we also exchanged ideas with the Consul who  is in charge of enterprise sector.