The 3<sup>rd</sup> Anniversary of the UK Association of Chinese Insurance Professionals (ACIP UK) and the InsurTech Forum was held at BDO London headquarters on Sept. 16. Sirkka Group is the main sponsor of this forum. Mr. Lin Li-Williams, Founder and CEO, introduced Sirkka’s unified high-tech platform which can seamlessly handle “insurance product customisation”, “multi-insurance companies’ claims management”, and “Sirkka global medical and assistance network” across telephone, internet, and WeChat systems.

Mr. Yan Jingmin, President of ACIP, briefed the work of the association over the past year and applauded Sirkka’s achievements to the InsurTech industry.  This Forum was also joined by the representatives from the Royal Insurance Association CII, Chinese insurance institutions in the UK, Lloyds and British insurance companies, and other Chinese professional associations.

The ACIP is the first association for insurance professionals in the UK along side with other professional associations of law, finance, accounting, and actuarial. (